SIK100 celebrates the 100 year old Guild of Electrical Engineering with multiple events during the year which ends to the annual bawl Potential Equalisation 100 held in February 2021. You can find all events at EVENTS page and 3 most topical events are listed below.

Important notice!

Due to predominant circumstances, the current SIK100 anniversary year has undergone changes. At its meeting on June 3, 2020, the SIK100 Committee has decided that the Spring Carnival and Potentiaalin Tasaus 100 will be postponed to a later date. At the meeting of the SIK100 Committee on September 9, 2020, it was also decided to postpone the SIK100 Seminar to a later date. The Spring Carnival will be held near Wappu 2021, the SIK100 Seminar will be held in October 2021, and the long-awaited main celebration, PoTa100, will be celebrated in February 2022.

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